Build your Reputation: Become a Thoro Approved Partner

Thoro has designed a program for you: "Thoro Approved Partner" program. This will give you better access to specifiers, planners and investors. Waterproofing, concrete repair and protection are complicated and very serious business. That's because it is "systems" that are installed, not "products." Currently there are thousands of systems, from many manufacturers. Which system to chose becomes a real challenge. Currently there is no common standard. Anyone can do it. And with so many different products and systems to choose from, the potential for confusion, misapplication, and the associated risks is a very real concern.

A Standard of Quality

The designation "Thoro Approved Partner", says a lot about a contractor. It is a standard of quality, identifying the most highly trained professionals in waterproofing, concrete repair or protection applications. It is a sign of confidence in a properly and full trained professional – with the experience, resources, training and commitment to get the job done right.

Extended Warranty
As "Thoro Approved Partner" you are in the unique position to offer a special, extended Thoro warranty. This warranty goes beyond the regular legal duration because it covers a total of 10 years. Furthermore, the warranty will be backed by Thoro even if you have already closed your business. Thus, specifiers and investors gain extra security and you as trusted "Certified Thoro - Trained Master Contractor" will simply gain more orders.

We support your marketing with individualized flyers and advertisements complete with your own logo.
On all your marketing tools you may use the Approved-Partner-Logo which shows your expertise and competence.

Your Choice
Become an approved applicator in the field of waterproofing solutions for most below and above ground structures, in positive as well as negative water pressure
e.g. waterproofing of basements, water retaining structures, water treatments plants, concrete roofs, service tunnels and much more

Become an approved applicator in the field of concrete repair solutions for the durable repair of damaged or deteriorated concrete and concrete and masonry protection
e.g. structural or non-structural repair, protection of structures against the ingress of water, chlorides, the effects of carbonation, freezing and thawing, algae growth etc. or just to beautify buildings.

Of course you can qualify in both of the above mentioned fields if this reflects your solution offering.