Thoro offers innovative and job specific solutions for the
construction industry. Since 1912, and with almost 100 years of
experience in waterproofing and concrete repair, Thoro has
the know-how to provide the right solution for your problem.
Thoro products are universally approved by internationally
recognized test institutes, while the Thoro production unit in
Mol, Belgium is certified under EN ISO9001 and EN ISO14001.

The Thoro offering is grouped into the segments: waterproofing, concrete repair and protection:


The Thoroseal range offers waterproofing solutions for most below and above ground structures, in positive as well as negative water pressure situations.
Thoro products are used to waterproof basements, water retaining structures, water treatment plants, concrete roofs, service tunnels and much more. Elastomeric coatings are used where dynamic movement causes waterproofing problems. Active leaks are easily, quickly and permanently blocked using Waterplug.
Thoro offers a complete and comprehensive waterproofing range, using original and unique products.

Concrete repair

Thoro offers a full range of cement-based repair mortars for the durable repair of damaged or deteriorated concrete.
Structural or non-structural repair, trafficable or vertical / overhead repair, fast hardening or slow setting mortars, polymer modified or straight cement mortars, hand or machine applied products, self-compacting and self-levelling mortars, Thoro has the right product.


Concrete and masonry protection

Thoro’s range of protective products offer the best protection to your structure. In order to protect the structure against the ingress of water, chlorides, the effects of carbonation, freezing and thawing, algae growth etc. ..., or just to beautify your building, Thoro has the solution.
From cement-based paints like Thoro Quickseal, to flexible coatings as Thoroseal FX100, and water repellents (Thoro Enviroseal), we have the right products for your problem.